Our greatest asset... our people

Here at Cal y Mayor we’re convinced of the value our human resources add to our company. Our people have been, and will continue to be the foundation of our reputation and standing at the national and international markets. We have a commitment to each of our employees, to help them fulfill their potential and effectively contribute to the company’s growth through incentives and personal development opportunities.

"We would like you to be a part of our outstanding work team”

Cal y Mayor can offer you:

Professional development and outreach – As a highly recognized consultant authority in transport and construction engineering, we offer wide-ranging services that allow our collaborators to develop a global vision of their projects.
International exposure – With offices in many Latin American countries, we offer possible relocations or temporal transfers.
Innovation – We are committed to technologically innovative processes. Depending on their field, our staff can have access to trainings for continued education, technological advances, as well as the use of the latest available tools and methodologies.
Job stability and specialized training.
Employee benefits beyond those required by law.

Beyond our experience, beyond our technology, beyond providing value-added and high-quality solutions,

at Cal y Mayor we offer solutions with a human touch.

Join our team!

For job opportunities in Mexico and Central America, please send your resume to: talentorhmexico@calymayor.com.mx and for opportunities in South America, send it to:talentorhsur@calymayor.com.mx.

Your registration will keep you on our candidate roster for future job openings.

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