Corporate culture

At Cal y Mayor Group, we work daily with a clear conviction and a firm purpose to become the best option in our fields and respective markets.

Our corporate culture, based in the generation of value engineering and infrastructure solutions, has been developed from our continuous effort in strategic planning and talent management. This planning effort leads our way to medium and long-term goals, allowing our everyday company efforts to be continually realigning themselves with our vision.

At the end of 2019 we established the 2019 - 2024 Strategic Plan, which we update annually through systematic alignment exercises to add the necessary changes and keep it current to the changing market and environments.

Our guiding principles are:

Mission statement
We generate infrastructure and mobility solutions that bring value to our customers and contribute to the improvement of the environment.
Vision statement
To be a solid and recognized company in the Americas, of which it is a pride to be a part.
Corporate values
Integral corporate policy:
Group Cal y Mayor, a leading company in the development and execution of consulting and engineering services for the infrastructure sector, establishes, implements and maintains SIGE (Integral Management System: quality, environmental, safety and health at work), strengthening the commitment to:
Compliance with defined requirements with our customers and stakeholders.
Monitoring and control of the goals and objectives established by the organization.
Providing safe and healthy working conditions by controlling hazards.
Consultation and participation of collaborators.
Environmental protection and pollution prevention resulting from the impacts of our activities.
Hazard identification and risk assessment and control.
Compliance with applicable and other legal requirements.
Continuous improvement of our internal processes and SIGE.
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