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Energy, oil and gas

Following the structural reforms the Mexican government launched in 2014, Cal y Mayor Group has forayed into the energy, oil and gas sector, with an initial offering pipelines, oil pipelines, and electrical transmission towers. We bring our knowledge of the national engineering market and our high quality standards throughout the entire project cycle, including electrical substations, transmission lines, hydraulic, thermal and wind power plants, energetic loss reduction studies, pipeline design and management, and pumping and storage facility construction management.

We have stablished strategic alliances with world-class leader companies that provide extensive experience in these energy related areas in Latin America, and together, we can offer the regional market over 30 years of combined experience.


Project management and investment programs

Oil field exploration master plan development
High voltage power lines master plan development
Conceptual and basic engineering for oil and gas (installations and 24-42” pipelines), and high voltage (230 to 550 kW) projects
Due diligence
Demand studies
Tariff studies
Permits and open season to the corresponding entities


Construction management

EPC contracts (energy)
Value engineering
Bid administration
Detailed engineering
Procurement plans
Work supervision and control
Security and hygiene supervision

Operations and maintenance

Physical state inspection and determination

Specialized third-party certification
Major and minor maintenance programs
Maintenance works supervision
Procurement programs

Main projects
  • Castilla Station 3 for 60.000 BOPD and 240.000 BWPD and
    future expansion facilities for 950.000 BWPD, Colombia
    Civil works management and electromechanical equipment installation

  • First 500 kV transmission line built in Peru, between the Chilca an Zapallalú substations
    Design and construction management.

  • Colombia – Panama Electrical interconnection project
    Social, cultural and environmental impact detailed assessment.

  • San Carlos – San Marcos 500 Kv Line management, Colombia
    Equipment inspection for line launch in Abejorral, Antioquia.

  • Transmission line of the Guavio System in Cundinamarca, Colombia
    Design for double circuit 230 Kv to 500Kv transmission line segment of the Guavio system.

  • Dominican Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID) business plan, Dominican Republic
    Plan development consulting services.

  • Castilla and Apiay fields’ expansion. Naphtha 50.000-barrel tank in the Del Llano Naphtha Terminal station in Apiay, Colombia
    Consulting services.

  • 500 Kv double circuit transmission line, Polpaico – Cardones, Chile
    Design and site supervision.

  • Ituango 500 KV - Medellín (Katios) 500 KV and 230 KV substations
    and associated transmission lines, Colombia
    Basic and detailed engineering, environmental assessment studies, information and community outreach programming logistics, and appropriate environmental license paperwork.

  • Apiay – El Porvenir oil pipeline for the Caño Muerto bridge, Colombia
    Heavy crude transportation project management and pipeline launch.

  • SIEPAC 220 kV Transmission line
    (Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama)
    Geotechnical characterization.

*Projects developed through Energy Consulting Group and/or its partners.
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