Cal y Mayor Group

With over 40 years of experience in consulting and engineering study development, along with an increasing market share in the American continent, Cal y Mayor Group offers comprehensive services for infrastructure projects in a wide variety of sectors, added to a local presence in many countries throughout the region.

Our group consists of highly capable and experienced professionals who have built their careers within our ranks; they are the ones that guarantee a business management ruled entirely by our corporate values.

Through two strategic blocks we provide all the lines and units within the company with direction and technical support.

Strategic management: Formed by the Administrative Counsel and the General Management.

Operations and strategy implementation management: Formed by the technical, administrative and commercial divisions.

Each division has managerial units that are directly responsible for the proper development of projects and compliance with contractual commitments, therefore ensuring our client’s satisfaction when it comes to quality, innovative service. The technical units are organized under a business unit scheme, in which their respective team leaders are responsible for the unit performance, from sales goals, production goals, performance indicators, and above all client satisfaction. Each technical division is comprised of professionals with solid academic backgrounds, proven experience in multiple projects and a strong commitment to client satisfaction, quality service, and our corporate Mission and Vision values.

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