Beginnings & Corporate Transformation

During its establishment and first few years of existence, the focus of Cal y Mayor Group’s services was the delivery of efficient solutions to urban and regional mobility, as well as, the assistance to institutions in need of professionally answering the mobility and road safety requirements of the public. Given this focus, the range of disciplines in its portfolio ranged from transit engineering, public transportation, transportation planning, and highway infrastructure, amongst others. By its tenth anniversary, Cal y Mayor Group had already become a leader in comprehensive transportation consulting in Mexico, executing highly relevant projects at the national scale.

During the late 1980’s two main events shaped the company’s transition by increasing its services offered and net sales. The first was the ambitious road system privatization undertaken by the Mexican government; the second, a roadway and transport modernization program that stemmed from a collaboration between the Mexican government with the World Bank, a program that included over 100 medium and large cities. Within this environment, between 1988 and 1995, the Cal y Mayor group reached an unprecedented growth, with an annual sales growth well above the double digits, and a nation-wide presence. This growth spurred a broadening of specialties in our transportation field and the solidification of the high performance human capital that has become the cornerstone of the company’s development ever since.

The deep economic crisis Mexico suffered in the 1990’s, following what came to be known as the “December error” incident of 1994, was the trigger that moved Cal y Mayor’s executive board to move internationally towards Central and South America. As the market in Mexico narrowed, the company opened its first foreign office in Bogota, Colombia, from which it oversaw its presence in several South American countries. This period was key for its geographical expansion, as well as for its services, which included a rapidly expanding venture into infrastructure engineering.

With the new millennium, Cal y Mayor Group strengthened its international presence and its market offer of complete engineering and infrastructure solutions, especially in the field of ground transport. This new era also brought upon the creation of the subsidiary company C&M Associates, which soon began to expand its scope in the North American market, first in Texas, and eventually in Florida, Georgia and Virginia.

By the time the first decade of the new millennium ended, the firm had become the foremost transport engineering consulting firm in the continent, and had successfully transitioned into a new public and private financing system known as 3P projects, or Public-Private Partnerships, which not only cover transportation projects, but also infrastructure in the health, education and institutional sectors. This area extension allowed Cal y Mayor Group to reinforce its leadership and become the best option for the government, the private investor, and the financial sector.

During the second decade of the 21st century, Cal y Mayor Group continued to consolidate and expand its presence throughout the continent; having successfully executed several infrastructure projects in Central America, and during a period of economic integration in the region, the company creates Cal y Mayor Centroamérica. In addition, and in order to further its engineering and consulting services, the group added to its professional portfolio services of railway transport consulting, information technologies and communications, cable car systems design and management, port and coastal engineering consulting (through the Kapsis Puertos y Costas firm), airport infrastructure consulting and management, construction consulting and management (through the Navarro & Cal y Mayor firm), and energy and oil infrastructure engineering and consulting (through Energy Consulting Group).

As of 2017, Cal y Mayor Group boasts of over 40 years of experience, with operations in Mexico, the United States, Central and South America. It’s positioned as the leading Mexican company for consulting and engineering, participating in the most important infrastructure projects in the region, such as: the construction overview of the new international airport terminal in Mexico City; the construction overview of Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro system; the design and construction overview of the schools for the “Jornada Unica” education program in Colombia; the design, construction and implementation overview of 9 lines of the cable car system in La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia, as well as the “Mexicable” cable car in the state of Mexico; the investment-grade traffic and revenue study for I-66 highway in Virginia, US; the framework development of the management strategy for public parking demand in Bogota, Colombia; amongst others.

The company, along with its partners and network of branches, amount to over 1,000 collaborators, mostly highly specialized professionals; enjoys a permanent presence in 10 countries, coordinating in them simultaneously over 40 diverse projects; holds strategic associations with world class engineering firms, while at the same time maintaining rigorous internal best practices systems in quality control, occupational health, environmental management, human resource management, and project management.

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