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The main objective of this work is, as it has been since its previous editions, to spread the techniques of Traffic Engineering to all fields that are closely related to the flow of vehicles as well as urban and regional mobility.

In this revised and updated edition, this purpose is still fulfilled, broadening and deepening its content, in line with recent scientific and technological advances. It presents new approaches to the operational analysis of traffic flow on streets and highways, which is one of the problems that has increased in recent years and sustains traffic engineering as a dynamic profession.

This book, which has been released in several editions, has filled a sensitive gap in the professional area of traffic engineering, enabling it to become a significant source of reference and guide book for different sectors such as: students, academics, professionals, authorities and technicians, who have found it to be of great use. It has also been used as a course text in universities where it is applied at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The authors:

Rafael Cal y Mayor Reyes Spíndola
Civil Engineer, Universidad Autónoma de México
Traffic Engineer, University of Yale, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Founder of Cal y Mayor y Asociados, S.C., Mexico, D.F.

James Cárdenas Grisales
Civil Engineer, Universidad del Cauca, Popayan, Colombia
Master in Traffic Engineering Science, University of Maryland,
College Park, Md, U.S.A.
Profesor titular, Universidad de Valle, Cali, Colombia


Pitágoras 1139, Col. Del Valle, 03100 Mexico, D.F.

Member of the National Chamber of the Publishing Industry
Registration number 2317


Eighth Edition: Mexico, january 2007

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Printed in Mexico

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