Conservation of the environment

The construction of infrastructure inevitably affects space and natural resources generating non-degradable solids, liquids or gaseous wastes that harm the natural environment. Given the increasing importance attached to the care and conservation of the environment in infrastructure projects, we offer advisory, monitoring and supervision services on environmental impacts for urban and highway projects. In order to manage them properly, this process is carried out in three stages:


We advise on the decision making of the selection process, planning and project development to determine the environmental feasibility of the project.

We recommend undertaking an Environmental Feasibility Study. Based on this, you can select the most suitable option according to the biological and ecological characteristics of the site, environmental standards and restrictions in force aswell as reduced environmental impacts and mitigation costs.

Structuring the project for the grants

At this stage, we advise and monitor the selection, procurement and preparation of the necessary studies in order to obtain the necessary environmental permits required to begin construction. The main studies are the regional Environmental Impact statement (MIA-R) and the Technical Justification Study (GYTS) which are required to obtain the environmental impact authorization (Operative) and the change on forest land use.

As consultants, we will also monitor the income and follow the evaluation process of the MIA-R and ETJ until the receipt of their respective permits; obtainment of any other permits; approvals of management payment programs and performance security payments.

As well, we advise on the production of bidding and concession Authorization.

Construction supervision

We monitor and supervise the implementation of measures for prevention, mitigation and environmental compensation, and generally with all environmental legislation and regulations in force during the construction.

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