Cal y Mayor
Ports and waterfront facilities

Cal y Mayor Group offers consulting and technical engineering services, with value-added solutions and high-quality standards, in the port, maritime, coastal and environmental sectors. We have been involved in several major port engineering projects in the Mexican market.

We have a varied range of specialized services that include: advanced methodologies with real-time simulations, numerical models and environmental assessment, analysis and feasibility studies in ports and coasts, physical oceanography, marine biology and eco-cartography.

Port infrastructure consulting

Port terminals and concourses, breakwaters and docks projects

Project monitoring and damage assessment
Port expansion feasibility studies
Engineering-applied numerical models
Feasibility studies for port expansions
Pier and port terminal functionality analysis
Building management and control

Maneuvering studies

Vessel maneuvering and behavior in coastal zones studies

Docked / anchored vessel modelling
Real time maneuver simulator
Maritime safety projects
Education and training programs for pilots

Port planning and management

Strategic and master plans

Regional plans
Economic and financial investment analysis
Port expansions feasibility studies
Maritime traffic studies
New facilities location analysis
Port concessions economic studies
Contingency plans

Coastal erosion and beach regeneration consulting

Coastal and estuary processes modelling

Coastal transportation and regional sediment balance
Coastal erosion diagnostics
Long-term coastal evolution study
Coastal zone management
Beach regeneration and stabilization
Seaside promenades and coastlines
Marine sediment banks research
Environmental assessments

Supervision and quality materials management
in maritime projects

Marine projects management and supervision

Concrete and breakwaters control
Project environmental management and monitoring
Project environmental management system
Materials quality and quantity control
Dredging works management
Underwater archeological site management
Implementation management

Ports and sports marinas

Executive project development

Vessel maneuvering study and analysis
Port rehabilitation
Project management and tracking

Main projects
  • Veracruz Port – Zona Norte, Mexico
    Expansion financial feasibility evaluation.

  • Tuxpan Port monobuoy 3, Mexico
    Vessel maneuvering feasibility study.

  • Salina Cruz Oil Port expansion, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Vessel maneuvering feasibility study.

  • Coatzacoalcos submerged tunnel, Mexico
    Independent construction engineer.

  • Sanchez Magallanes coastal zone, Cardenas, Tabasco, Mexico
    Socioeconomic evaluation and studies for erosion mitigation.

  • Laguna Madre, Tamaulipas, Mexico
    Coastal dynamics study.

  • Puerto Marques beach, Guerrero, Mexico
    Sand dune stabilization analysis.

  • Multi-purpose port of Altamira Terminal
    Conceptual project of enlargement of the multiple uses of IPM.

  • TEC II Manzanillo
    Supervision of the new terminal of Contecon TEC II of the port of Manzanillo.

  • Multipurpose Terminal new port of Veracruz
    Preliminary draft of the new multi-use terminal.

*Some projects developed through Kapsis Puertos y Costas and/or its partners
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