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For more than 10 years, Cal y Mayor Group had been developing and improving our internal capacity to implement information and process management systems. These include cloud and mobile device-accessible apps across a variety of platforms, including maintenance and technical support, relevant to infrastructure management, road maintenance, and transport and traffic. These systems make it possible to track, in real time, every private and public project, as it is executed or in operation, aiding in timely and reliable decision-making processes.

The Integral Infrastructure Management System (SIGI in Spanish) developed by the Mexican Communications and Transport Secretary, covers the totality of the national toll highway network, its construction process and upkeep. Private concession holders also have developed their own specific systems to improve network management and efficient resource allocation and maintenance programs.

Construction Management

Construction status

Right-of-way release

Maintenance Management


Troubleshooting and incidence inventory
Highway physical state qualifications

Process management

Document control

Use of right-of way rights

System development

Analysis, design and development of web and mobile infrastructure solutions.

System administration

User technical support

Data load and processing support
Application adaptation and improvement
Guarantee of adequate system operations
Continuous learning programs
Network hosting

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Main projects
  • SIG: Infrastructure Management System; Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and Colombia.
    Tracking and monitoring tool for construction, renovation and upkeep in infrastructure projects (highways, buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.), 2004-2017

  • GESTAN: Performance Standard Management System, Mexico
    Enables sharing of information regarding operation, upkeep and rehabilitation of highway structures: Atlacomulco - Maravatío, Libramiento Chihuahua and Jala - Compostela.

  • SGCV: Road Conservation Management System, Peru
    Manages all maintenance and operation contracts for control and upkeep of the Peruvian road network.

  • SIGI: Integral Infrastructure Management System, Mexico
    Maintenance and improvements, technical support, data upgrades, and training in the use of this system, which manages the construction and conservation of SCT concession highways.

  • SGI: Infrastructure Management System, Mexico
    Web and mobile application for the management of highway infrastructure construction and upkeep on national concessions.

  • SIIT: Comprehensive Transit Information System, El Salvador
    Enables automatic updates on the national network through permanent stations spread across the country.

  • SAIC: Highway Infrastructure Management System, Mexico
    Enables management and information flow within a multiyear Highway Conservation Contract. Ensures compliance with 17 performance indicators, which include service standards in quality, comfort and user security.

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