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Aerial tramway transportation

At Cal y Mayor Group, we are pioneers in the implementation of aerial tramway transport systems in Mexico and South America. We are capable of contributing in each stage of a cable tramway project, from planning, design, structuring, construction management, to implementation and upkeep. Aerial tramway systems promote a sustainable mobility and an improved road communication in places with high population density and low accessibility.

Public transportation services give people the mobility necessary for everyday activities: work, education, commerce, recreation, etc.; all of this at a low cost while encouraging social equity, shorter commutes, reliable service, improved security, lower contaminant emissions, and lower investment and maintenance costs.


Cost-benefit analysis
Social feasibility determination of infrastructure projects.

Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS
Research for the application of advanced technology arrangements related to infrastructure and transportation systems operation.

Urban mobility and transit engineering

Demand and optimal fare estimation

Different transportation system integration studies
Road impact studies
Parking lots: Operational and functional design
Transit engineering
Road safety: Signage design and safety devices

Infrastructure management

Operation and maintenance programming

Maintenance supervision

Project structuration

Technical, legal and financial structuration

Financial counseling
Project management
Legal counseling


Basic geometric design, preliminary design and executive project

Budgeting and work programming
Analysis and proposal of applicable technology for the electromechanical system
Definition of power equipment and electrical supply for the stations
Electromechanical system and design of complementary facilities


Construction supervision / Electromechanical installation

Manufacturing inspection
Estudios de impacto ambiental
Estudios para la evaluación del derecho de vía
Auditorías de construcción y control de calidad
Asesorías técnicas
Technical consultant


Architectural project

Design of foundations and stations’ structural models
Urban renewal and equipment design
Architectonic direction

Main projects
  • “MEXICABLE” Aerial Tramway Transport System in Ecatepec, Mexico
    Structuring, design supervision and construction.

  • 9 lines of the aerial tramway system in El Alto and La Paz, Bolivia
    Design supervision, construction and implementation.

  • Aerial Tramway System’s first line in Villanueva, Guatemala
    Feasibility study.

  • Aerial Tramway System lines in El Agustino and Catalina Huancá, Lima, Peru
    Cable accessibility study.

  • Aerial Tramway Transport System in Magdalena Contreras, Mexico
    Pre-investment studies.

  • Aerial Tramways in the State of Mexico: Ecatepec, Naucalpan, Ixtapaluca y Tultitlan
    Feasibility studies and technical, judicial and financial structuring.

  • San Juan de Lurigancho – Independencia Aerial Tramway, Peru
    Financial, technical and legal structuration, pre-investment feasibility, design and
    cable accessibility studies, infrastructure installation.

  • Bucaramanga Aerial Tramway Transport System, Colombia. First line in Latin America
    Construction bid management.

  • “Metrocable” in Medellin, Colombia
    Demand estimation for the Metroplus System (including Metrocable).

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