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Ground transportation

With over 40 years of accumulated experience in studies and project development throughout the extent of countries in which we are present, the Cal y Mayor group is without a doubt, the most experienced and regionally present ground transport company in the continent.

With over 1,500 projects to date, we have had a positive influence in areas such as vehicle flow, traffic light schemes, transit control systems, non-motorized transport systems integration, road accident reduction, reduced road impact of large projects, development of toll road and freeway alternatives, air pollutant reduction, etc. We have kept an active presence in the highway infrastructure market, whether as planners, designers, supervisors, independent engineers, and/or supervising managers in a variety of projects throughout the continent.

Cal y Mayor Group, in the ground transport field, counts with:

Over 20 billion dollars obtained in project funding.
Highway allowance structuring for a total of over 12 thousand million Mexican pesos in Mexico.
Regional development, with 5 national transit master plans.
More than 10 binational transportation planning studies.
Over 12 national strategic highway transport and ITS plans.
More than 15 comprehensive mobility projects in medium and big cities all over the continent.
Over 10 continuous years acting as independent engineers in almost 5,000 km/lane/year
of roadwork.
Over 150 road impact studies and almost 80 parking lot projects.

Traffic and revenue
Investment-grade studies to determine vehicular volume and revenue levels associated with toll payments in a highway asset throughout a specific time interval.

Macro and micro economic planning studies for the identification of relevant projects for regional development.

Cost-benefit analysis
Social feasibility determination of infrastructure projects.

Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS
Research for the application of advanced technology arrangements related to infrastructure and transportation systems operation.

Urban mobility and Transit engineering

Comprehensive mobility studies
These studies include the multiple factors that comprise mobility (pedestrian, cyclist, vehicles, freight, public transport, etc.), and they identify and prioritize the necessary actions to improve it in determined urban areas and/or geographic regions.

Public transport system structuring
Initial approach and early evaluation of possible improvement options in public transportation systems.

Road impact studies
Identification of possible traffic alterations created by new urban road features and subsequent viable solutions proposal.

Microsimulations of the interaction between any transportation mode, over any type of communication mode and with any type of control, for the evaluation of operating conditions.

Parking lots
Design, master plans, and feasibility studies.

Transit engineering
Comprehensive analysis of urban mobility, considering the requirements and characteristics of user trips, physical infrastructure, transit control systems, and transportation modes available.

Road safety (audits, inspections and signage)
Commitment to compliance with road safety guidelines, we focus on accident prevention in highways, intersections and all transportation systems.

Infrastructure management

Operation and maintenance programming

Operation’s independent engineer
Independent technical oversight for the infrastructure concession holder and/or operator to ensure adequate physical conditions.

Managing Supervising Agent (AAS)

Maintenance oversight

Highway infrastructure evaluation

Financial and project engineering

Technical, legal, and financial structuring

Financial counseling

Project management

Legal counseling


Comprehensive highway design

Transportation planning: tunnels, bicycle paths, pedestrian trails

Roadway intersection design

Basic geometric design, preliminary design and executive project

Budgeting and work programming

Design supervision

Overpass and bridge structural design


Construction supervision

Construction’s independent engineer

Environmental impact assessments

Right-of-way evaluation studies

Construction and quality control audits

Technical counseling

Technical consultant

Main projects
  • International Bridge Mesa de Otay II, Mexico - USA
    Bilateral traffic and revenue study, investment grade Mexico - USA.

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Master Plan (PIMUS in spanish)
    for Panama City Metropolitan area, Panama.

  • Chihuahua beltway, Atlacomulco - Maravatío highway, Jala - Compostela highway, Mexico
    Managing Supervising Agent.

  • Tamuín - Ébano, Monterrey - Saltillo highways, Saltillo’s northwest beltway, Pachuca’s south beltway, Cerritos junction to Tula, Mante - Tula, Paquete Noreste, Tuxtla - Villaflores, Mexico
    Project management and structuring for bid.

  • Mexico City’s New International Airport, Mexico
    Perimetry fence and pathway executive project.

  • Overpass 2 of Line 3 of Guadalajara’s light rail, Mexico
    Management and tracking of construction work, environmental assessment, security
    and hygiene, and right-of-way.

  • Interstate Highway I-66, Virginia, USA
    Traffic and revenue investment grade study.

  • High-capacity segregated corridor (COSAC in Spanish) Lima, Peru
    Traffic light scheme design and operation.

  • Fourth generation highways (second wave), Colombia
    Revenue estimation and maintenance programs.

  • FARAC Northeast Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    Technical structuring for bid.

  • Access feeder to the Uraba Port (Ruta Nueva Independencia), Colombia
    Highway design.

  • BRT Trans 450, Tegucigalpa Segregated Corridors, Honduras
    Construction management.

  • Master Plan Conceptual Development and National Architecture ITS, Mexico
    Strategic master plan.

  • “Buenavista del Cobre” Mine, Sonora, Mexico
    Transit microsimulation study for the mine’s expansion.

  • IIRSA Centro – Segment 2, Peru
    Independent project engineer.

  • Colombia’s road corridors
    Consulting and structuring for the presentation of the public transportation system.

  • Circunvalacion Norte - Florencio del Castillo, San Jose, Costa Rica
    Corridor project.

  • La Estampilla Overpass, National Engineering Award 2009, Colombia
    Management, study and design approvals.

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